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SmartSmoke E-Liquid 5 Bottles

Part Number SmartSmoke 5
SmartSmoke E-Liquid 5 Bottles
SmartSmoke E-Liquid 5 Bottles
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Our liquids are formulated in Canada to ensure the finest quality. Do not settle for watered down and flavorless substitutes. SmartSmoke E-Juice is 100% Propylene Glycol based to provide an excellent taste and throat hit experience.

These liquids are available with various levels of nicotine to satisfy your cravings.
Available in 30 mL bottles
We currently have the following 8 flavors with 10 or 20 mg of nicotine:

BLMT Tobacco
BnH LITE Tobacco
DMR Tobacco
Menthol Tobacco
MRLB Tobacco
PLYR Tobacco
RY4 Tobacoo

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Please note we will not ship this product to the United States.
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