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PTV-1000 Personal Tobacco Vaporizer

Part Number PTV-1000
PTV-1000 Personal Tobacco Vaporizer
PTV-1000 Personal Tobacco Vaporizer
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HD Smoke is proud to present the newest advancement in smoking: The Personal Tobacco Vaporizer-1000.

The PTV is a vaporizer with a barreled chamber designed to hold a whole cigarette or any dry loose leaf smoking product.

How it works:
Once the chamber is filled and screwed together with the battery, press the button 5 times.
The chamber will begin to heat up to 390 F.
After about 30 seconds, the light should change color. You are ready to vape now. For added intensity, hold the button while inhaling.
After the material in the chamber is spent, purge and clean the chamber using the tools provided and your PTV is ready to be used again.

Why use the PTV?
When smoking outdoors with a traditional cigarette much of the cigarette and the nicotine is lost in the air due to smouldering. The PTV encapsulates all of the material being smoked, so nothing is lost (get 3 times the value from regular cigarettes). The PTV allows you to smoke a cigarette without all of the harmful chemicals. The PTV only heats the chamber, there is no ignition and thus no smoke. No smoke means no lingering smells and you can legally smoke indoors.

The PTV kit includes 1 PTV unit (Chamber and rechargeable battery)
1 Cleaning brush
1 Metal plunger
2 Soft mouthpieces
1 Charging cable
1 Wall adapter
1 Instruction manual

Lifetime warranty on battery and charger

Available in 3 colors: midnight black, cobalt blue and burgundy red.

Order one today for $139.99

Stop smoking and start vaporizing!
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